Fast Food and Video Games - Double Down For Diablo IV

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

double down diablo 4

Diablo 4 is an epic action-RPG experience with massive worlds to discover and a variety of side missions that can weave into engaging narratives. However, its complexity comes in the form of skills, stats, perks, and loot.

KFC may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it can be an invaluable way to secure an early access beta code for Diablo 4. From Double Down meals to purchasing cheap keys with Chicken Little sandwiches - this partnership is something every player should experience at least once!

It’s a chicken sandwich

KFC and Blizzard have come together to offer an intriguing promotion for Diablo 4's beta. Purchasers of any KFC Double Down sandwiches will gain early access to the game by providing their email address - making this one of the more innovative gaming-fast food promotions we've witnessed recently.

Diablo 4's beta will commence on March 17 and end March 19. The prologue and act 1 of the game, featuring three playable characters, will be included. Diablo 4 betas typically kick off about one month prior to its full release in June.

This beta is open to anyone purchasing a Double Down online or through the KFC app, although other menu items (buckets, chicken tenders, wraps) do not qualify. A Double Down sandwich features two Extra Crispy, 100% white meat chicken filets topped with cheese and bacon covered by real mayo or spicy sauce - perfect for players in the US.

It’s a burger

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Blizzard have joined forces in an unprecedented way for fans of Diablo 4 beta access. Through a special promotion at participating KFC locations nationwide, customers will receive a code to access this new game by purchasing either Double Downs or other valid meals until March 18th; unfortunately customers with dietary restrictions aren't eligible.

Double Down may not be for everyone, but it offers gamers who wish to access Diablo 4's closed beta before March 17 an opportunity to do so at a discount price. Those without time to wait for it can also buy items bearing Diablo 4 early access code labels for discounted keys that provide access.

It’s a fried chicken sandwich

KFC's Diablo IV Double Down early access promotion is one of the most irresistible marketing campaigns around, featuring an irresistibly irresistible limited-edition sandwich featuring two chicken breasts and bacon in place of its typical bun. Available only during closed beta which runs March 17-19; open beta will start after that weekend but only three classes from the game will be playable during that period.

Participating gamers had to visit either the official KFC website or app in order to obtain a code for use during beta testing, although unfortunately only select locations within the US could use this offer. Blizzard promises another promotion soon that is open worldwide - until then enjoy some delicious chicken! Just remember to eat responsibly.

It’s a fried chicken burger

KFC and Blizzard Entertainment have joined forces to offer early access codes for Diablo IV until March 18th. Customers who purchase a Double Down will get one code each for the game's closed beta, starting this week. These can be claimed online or through the KFC app; only one per customer will be granted.

Diablo 4's beta will run from March 17-18 and allow players to experience playing as Rogues, Sorcerers or Barbarians - something Blizzard is known for doing beautifully - across PC, PS4, PS5 Xbox One Series X/S platforms and mobile. Playability includes Rogues, Sorcerers or Barbarians! Players will have the opportunity to participate across Rogues, Sorcerers or Barbarian classes! Diablo 4 is Blizzard's latest installment in their iconic role-playing franchise that looks amazing even by Blizzard standards! Refine what early editions did so well while adding new gameplay elements while zoomed-in close characters or scenes! Diablo 4 looks incredible even by Blizzard standards with smooth controls and amazing graphics when zoomed close up on characters or scenes!

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