Feel the Movies With D-BOX Technology

March 2, 2024
David Sunnyside

Ever since moviegoers discovered the pleasure of room-shaking sound, theatre technology has been pushing for an experience that goes even further. Beyond the usual surround setups and subwoofers that can shake your seat, there are options like IMAX and ScreenX — which present films on massive screens with a wraparound viewing experience – to transport you into otherworldly locations or high-octane action. Now, a brand-new option known as D-BOX lets you feel the movies too, with motion seats that are precisely synchronized with what you see on screen.

D-BOX, which stands for Digital-Body-Interaction, is an immersive technology that removes the line between you and the screen by connecting content with your body to deliver one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences. The motion seats are designed to create vibrations in your spine and throughout your body that match what you see on-screen. This creates a unique sense of immersion that goes way beyond sight and sound to connect you directly with the emotional elements that were intended by the movie creators.

Unlike 4D options that use environmental effects such as water mist, fog, scents and air jets (which can distract from the film) D-BOX uses a combination of movements and vibrations that are hand-encoded by haptic designers for each piece of visual content to be perfectly synchronized. The result is an unprecedented feeling of being pulled into the movie, making it much more immersive and realistic than a simple tilted chair that moves with the camera pan.

David Sunnyside
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