Felt V95f Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

Felt is an established manufacturer that creates a diverse line-up of high-quality bicycles and supports several professional racing teams. Felt uses its own proprietary manufacturing techniques, including InsideOut and MMC, to deliver lightweight carbon frames and components. Felt is also known for their unique Bayonet fork, which attaches to the steerer tube and eliminates the need for a headset.

The felt v95f is an entry-level road bike that is intended to be both fast and comfortable. Its nimble handling is well-balanced between agility and smoothness. This makes it a great choice for riders looking to get into the sport of cycling or improve their fitness with an efficient and fun way to burn calories.

The frame is constructed with Felt's UHC carbon, which features a multi-layer weave of different fibres to increase strength and durability. It's then bonded with resin for additional strength. Felt also shapes the bottom bracket shell and down tube to reduce weight, as well as adding a few hidden fender mounts on the top tube for additional versatility.

The stiff chassis helps to boost the Felt v95f's sharp responsiveness, making it a dream when flicking around potholes or taking tight corners at speed. However, the stiffness does take away a bit of comfort on rough surfaces such as chip seal or frost-damaged tarmac. Fortunately, this is an area that can easily be addressed with some quality road bike tires and a suspension fork.

David Sunnyside
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