Fenoglio Boots Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

fenoglio boots review

NOCONA (KAUZ) – The Fenoglio family is keeping the tradition alive in Nocona where boots have made the town famous. Back in the 1800s, Nocona was a key stop for cowboys riding down the Chisholm Trail and many of them stopped by the Justin Boot Company to order their boots. Today, there are still a few independent shoemakers who make boots in Nocona the old fashioned way. One of them is the Fenoglio Boot Company.

We sat down with the grandson of the founder, Caiden Fenoglio to find out more about their boots and the process. He said it takes ten different departments and 100 steps to make one pair of boots. They start with raw leathers like ostrich, goat, pig, and shark. They then cut the lining, upper, bottom and the pull straps. They also use an embroider machine that can do two pairs of boots in 12 minutes.

Another department stitches the top of the boot with a needle and thread. After that the padded insole cushion is glued inside and they put on the soles. They use lemon wood pegs rather than brass nails, which are easier on the feet. After the soles are on, they go through a final checking station where they check for protruding nails, discoloration and other hiccups.

The next time you’re in Nocona, stop by the Fenoglio Boot Company and pick up a pair of their boots. They’re quality boots that will last a lifetime.

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