Festool CXS Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

festool csx review

Festool's smallest extension of their Lithium-Ion drill platform, the CXS is light and comfortable to use. It can accept either a Centrotec or keyless chuck, and can be fitted with an optional right angle attachment for tight spaces. With a battery attached it weighs less than two pounds, and the ergonomic design is very comfortable for extended periods of time. The CXS is a great choice for the home owner or professional cabinet shop.

It is the smallest and lightest drill Festool has ever made, yet it still delivers the power you need for real work. It's compact and easily fits in your hand, and its small size allows it to fit into tight spots that larger drills cannot. It has a pants pocket hook that can be switched to the left or right side of the drill for lefties and righties respectively, and an LCD display turns on when you start drilling so you can see what you are doing.

A bank of LEDs built into the bottom of the main grip shows the battery's level without having to take the battery out. It also features a power dial with minute increments, and an electronic clutch that is more precise than the mechanical ones found on most drills. This will help to extend the life of your bits and prevent jarring stops caused by the tool jerking when it's stopped.

A hex wrench is included for loosening the chuck, and a bit holder is available as well. There is also a vacuum hose adapter for use with dust extractors. The CXS can be personalised with the free Festool Work App (battery pack and Bluetooth required). The settings for afterglow, the brightness, and the duration of the LED can all be adjusted from here.

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