FFXV How Long Is Chapter 13?

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

ffxv how long is chapter 13

FFXV has been criticized for its linear back half and controversial Chapter 13, which has earned itself the unflattering title of "the worst level in video game history." While some have defended the section as an artistic expression of Noctis' frustration, others have simply called it a slog that is physically and emotionally draining. The latest update aims to address some of the problems players have experienced with this area.

As part of the new 5.6Gb patch that was released on Tuesday, Square Enix has introduced a new version of the level known as Verse 2 that allows players to play through it with Gladiolus instead of Noctis. This change gives players the chance to experience the level as if it were brand new, though some of the original mechanics still remain in place.

After the group battles their way through a series of doors with progressively higher security clearance levels, they will be freed to make their way through the hallways and find an area that contains the very Crystal Noctis has been searching for so long. Interacting with it will then send the party on their way to the final area of this infamous chapter.

The Chapter 13 update is available now for FFXV on PS4 and Xbox One, with the premium DLC featuring Gladiolus arriving a day later. The patch includes various "enhancements" to improve the late-game gameplay that many players have found frustrating at launch, and also provides players with a chance to play through the chapter with Gladiolus for the first time.

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