Find out the best AI tool for writing plagiarism-free papers

April 8, 2024
Natalie Thorburn

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most debated topics in the 21st century. Apart from influencing business operations, it has revolutionized the education system by transforming how students handle their assignments and content writing as a whole. Advocates of AI writing tools emphasize that the resources improve students’ and essay writers’ efficiency by enabling them to save time and enhance their productivity. However, not all AI tools have similar outcomes. Some have potential drawbacks; therefore, it is advisable to compare different options before selecting the one you consider more appropriate, user-friendly, and likely to improve your writing speed without compromising your papers’ quality.

Let’s analyze the reasons for using AI writing software before we look at tips to help you find the best tool for writing plagiarism-free papers. So, why should you use AI writing tools to complete your assignments?

1. AI tools can help you improve the quality of your writing

Besides enhancing your essay writing skills, AI writers can help you identify grammatical errors and suggest different approaches to improve your writing style, sentence structure, and vocabulary; these are crucial areas that can help you produce top-notch essays. Apart from using AI writing tools, you can seek professional essay writing services from a reliable company online. A website like Custom Writings uses CustomWritings Essay Plagiarism Checker to check papers’ originality. In addition, it has some of the most experienced writers, assuring you of exceptional assignments.

2. AI writing tools can help you generate citations and references

Most students panic when asked to write essays or research papers that adhere to the requirements of particular writing styles like APA, MLA, or Harvard. However, with AI writing tools, you can finish your paper in minutes and cite it correctly. The tools can help you generate different citations and references for your papers depending on their requirements.

3. AI tools help users save time

AI writing tools have revolutionized the education system by helping users manage their time. Some tools are designed in such a way that you can shorten a long text and obtain the main points or themes; this feature allows you to generate a concise summary of a book, journal, and other academic materials, reducing the amount of time that you may need to understand key concepts in different disciplines.

Most people have embraced AI writing tools, but only a few take enough time to review their functionality, efficiency, and reliability, which leads to dissatisfaction. Therefore, students intending to use the resources should conduct background checks to ensure they choose a tool to help them create unique and non-plagiarized content.

Here are five things to help students choose the best AI tool to create plagiarism-free papers

1. Quality of Content

The first thing to look for in an AI tool is the quality of its content, including grammar, choice of words, and how the resource can produce appropriate topical context with minimal reference to other sources.

2. Precision

The second aspect to look for in an AI writing tool is the ability to generate content with diversified vocabulary. Diversification of vocabulary ensures the writing assistant does not utilize keywords from other external sources, making it possible to plagiarise content and affect the quality of your essay.

3. Integration with a Plagiarism Detector

The third factor to consider when choosing an AI writing tool to generate plagiarism-free papers is integrating the platform into a plagiarism detector. The plagiarism detector should be efficient in enhancing t writing quality by detecting any plagiarised content.

4. Library Database

The fourth critical factor to consider when searching for an AI essay writing tool for your essay is the library database. Although having access to external sources increases the risks of plagiarizing content, with an extensive database and library, an AI tool can easily access extensive information, minimizing cases of plagiarism. Therefore, you should always consider the impact of library integration within an AI essay generation tool, which allows the assistant to access sufficient information to support its generation capabilities.

5. Paraphrasing Modes and Fluency

Lastly, AI tools have different abilities in terms of paraphrasing modes and fluency. While a fluent text generator will ensure accuracy in addressing a specific topic, having a higher mode of paraphrasing makes the generated content precise and less likely to have plagiarised information.

Final thought

With the proliferation of AI tools for generating essays and other research assignments, selecting the best and most efficient tool is the ultimate way to help you write high-quality, plagiarism-free papers. We understand that finding reliable software that assures you of flawless content can be a challenging endeavour. Nevertheless, there are several techniques to help you choose the best resource. In this article, we have outlined the top five factors to consider when looking for an AI tool to create plagiarism-free papers. Hopefully, it will help you identify what best suits your needs.


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