Find the Cheapest Price on Vitour Galaxy R1 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

vitour galaxy r1 review

Find the cheapest price on vitour galaxy r1 review, compare prices from local & national tyre fitters. Fully fitted price including VAT, delivery, fitting, balancing & disposal of old tyres.

The Vitour Galaxy R1 is a performance all season passenger tire that offers great driving comfort. The optimized tread design and all season compound boost dry, wet, and winter road grip. The asymmetric tread pattern maintains road contact at high speeds and enhances steering responsiveness. The durable rubber compound and close tread-road contact also reduce road noises and vibrations that might reach the vehicle cabin.

Wide circumferential grooves disperse water and slush from under the footprint, reducing the risk of hydroplaning. The tread pattern also includes large shoulder blocks that help the tire to remain stable when maneuvering at high speed.

The Galaxy R1 provides a quiet performance, as it generates a sound-canceling frequency that negates the noise created by the tread while in motion and prevents it from reaching the vehicle cabin. This, together with the tread design that minimizes road noise and vibrations, makes the tire a great choice for drivers who want a peaceful ride experience. The asymmetric tread pattern and all season compound enhance traction, while the durable rubber material maintains flexibility in cold and warm temperatures.

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