Finding the Best OTC Hearing Aid

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

best otc hearing aid

Finding an OTC hearing aid requires careful consideration of their needs, lifestyle and budget. Prescription options usually cost more but come with expert help from licensed audiologists who can guide your search for solutions tailored specifically for you; some OTC hearing aids like Lexie's B2 Powered By Bose may offer advanced sound processing but at a much more reasonable cost than prescription solutions.

One downside of OTC hearing aids is virtual customer support; however, most manufacturers provide comprehensive manuals, online videos and phone support as ways of offering assistance. Some companies even offer trial periods so you can try them and determine whether they meet your needs.

Ototune makes self-fitting OTC hearing aids easy with its built-in hearing test and touch controls to navigate between different audio settings. Furthermore, you can make real-time volume adjustments via the Ototune app; Amptify hearing experts offer free onboarding care for one month as part of their subscription service; but users cannot adjust Ototune hearing aids while speaking or listening to music through this method - potentially an obstacle for some individuals.

Audicus Mini offers an ideal blend of size, convenience, and performance if you need a discrete hearing aid that doesn't obstruct vision. Equipped with AutoSense technology for automatic environment detection and adjustment, making this hearing aid suitable for loud places or sudden changes in noise level. Furthermore, the Mini is the smallest fully-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid on the market without professional fitting required; however it may not provide enough sound processing power to accommodate those suffering severe to profound hearing loss.

Sontro offers an expansive range of OTC hearing aids, including in-the-ear (ITE) devices. Their comfortable in-the-ear aids include the new Sontro Mini in-canal device with automatic adjustment and up to 30-hour battery life; Bluetooth streaming enables music and phone calls while offering excellent sound quality; however, these smaller ITE models may become susceptible to wax buildup over time.

Go Hearing's Go Lite ITE OTC hearing aid is an affordable and lightweight hearing solution. Featuring an ergonomic slim design, this affordable hearing aid suits all hearing levels from mild to moderate. Wearable and featuring six digital channels and 12 bands with feedback cancellation and noise reduction technology, feedback cancellation, noise reduction capabilities as well as feedback cancellation/noise reduction functions make the Lite an attractive option for anyone seeking an OTC hearing aid with great customer reviews.

Go Lite can be found at Walmart and offers a 24-month payment plan featuring one upfront security payment and monthly installments thereafter. Furthermore, this plan provides free batteries and extra accessories as well as protection plans.

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