Fischer Ranger 99 Ti Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

fischer ranger 99 ti review

The Fischer Ranger 99 Ti strikes the right balance between being powerful and also versatile for different snow conditions. It's a great ski for advanced and expert skiers who like to have fun in (deep) powder, firn and steeps. The combination of carbon and titanium ensures a high-performance ski that doesn't feel heavy on your feet or backpack.

Compared to the previous Ranger Ti's, this one has slightly shallower tip and tail rocker lines. This makes it a little easier to maneuver in packed powder and soft snow. However, it still has a deep rocker line for this width of ski, so it will be good in fresh powder and crud as well.

The Ranger 99 Ti has a nice weight to it and is lighter than some of the other 100 mm wide metal-laminate skis. It's still a lot heavier than the Nordica Enforcer 100, but it is a bit lighter than the Armada Invictus 99 Ti, Salomon QST 99, K2 Mindbender 99 Ti and Volkl Mantra M5.

The Ranger 99 Ti feels very smooth in long turns and is easy to control. The special flex pattern, freeski rocker and Aeroshape provide the ski with maximum stability and agility in any terrain. The tip and tail are very light, which makes it easy to move them around and to change the turn radius. It's a great all-mountain ski for expert skiers who want to have fun in any type of snow and terrain.

David Sunnyside
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