Fissler Cookware Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Fissler is one of the best German cookware brands and is renowned for their pressure cookers. However, they also make pots and pans that are great for any kitchen. Their original profi-collection line of stainless steel pots and pans is one of the most highly acclaimed lines in the world. It is expensive, but it offers premium performance that you will not find in cheaper brands like All-Clad.

Fissler has the thickest base on the market that goes all the way to the edges and no rivets to clean up. Their new Adamant nonstick line is also a hit. It is tough enough to withstand metal cooking utensils, and it comes in 8-inch, 9.5-inch and 11-inch sizes.

Aside from their nonstick, they are known for their superior stainless steel cooking, especially with the original profi-collection line of pots and pans. Their stainless steel is very durable, and their lids have angular rims that allow the condensation to drip back down for better steaming and frying. Their lids are also heat-resistant and sturdy, and their handles have a good grip.

Fissler’s stainless steel has excellent food release, a high score in our tests that shows how easily eggs slide off the surface of the pan. The company also has a very strong aluminum core that keeps the bottom of their pans cool so that you can use lower heat settings. This is important because low heat setting helps to preserve the life of your pans.

David Sunnyside
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