Fit Butters Review - Ryan Bucki of Fitness Informant and Fit Butters Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

Ryan Bucki of Fit Butters and Fitness Informant jumps on PricePlow to talk about the brand's explosive growth, their unique product line that combines high-quality nut butter with protein powder, and their plans for what's next. Ryan is a familiar face to many active nutrition and bodybuilding fans because of his one-sip flavor reviews on YouTube and podcast. He's a fun and energetic presence in the industry and always keeps the energy up in the supplement scene.

Fit Butters are premium high-protein nut butter spreads flavored like your favorite desserts. They're made with dry roasted nuts, added coconut oil, and include the best quality proteins and MCT oils in each jar. They're also transparent about the BRAND and FLAVOR of the protein powder that's used to create the nut butter, so you can see exactly what you're getting when you open up your jar.

During the interview, Ryan shares how he trademarked the name Fit Butters and taught himself Adobe Illustrator to create their labels. He discusses his decision to use a variety of protein powders for their nut butters to keep the flavors interesting and to provide options for different macros. He explains how the Fit Butters team doesn't want to enter the saturated bar market and instead wants to have fun with their business, while providing value to consumers through their products.

Mike and Ben ask Ryan what he's doing to drive greater marketing for his products now that they're moving into major grocery stores and reaching a mass audience beyond the reach of the fitness community on social media. He reveals that he'll be running four major marketing campaigns per year, with temporary price reductions and digital coupons to drive sales. He'll also be using geo-targeting to target people within specific zip codes who may be interested in Fit Butters.

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