Five Attributes of a Software Localization Expert

November 16, 2022

Professional software localization is imminent to tap new markets with the best possible professionally developed software and programs to facilitate the users. Software localization is an extremely challenging field that requires much work and effort. It is important that the experts hired have good and professional skills. These are the experts who make the software available for users all across the globe. The process of localization is extremely vital to take care of by not focusing on hiring the professionals or else if the software is adapted roughly it cannot manage to hold the customers for long.

This is why and when companies hire software experts to help them generate more revenue and boost sales. When a business targets the global market it has to take care of certain factors and get it done without taking into consideration the requirements of the companies and their cultures, religions, and viewpoints. If you are looking for a job then it is important to look into creating hiring advertisements.

In order to facilitate the users with an authentic experience with software and website localization services the companies have to seek localization experts who possess particular skills and also deploy these throughout the localization workflow.

  • Help in Verified Translation

Localization is about translating the original content according to the audience’s choices and preferences. This step can only be made successful when the audience can understand and comprehend the translation content just the way it was produced locally in their native language. Therefore, the localization experts should ensure that they are offering professional software localization and verify the translation in post product phase. They should contain this quality so that they are able to verify the translations accurately. This is only possible when they are experts in their jobs and well familiar with the translation memory that is integrated to operate with multiple languages during the development process. Once they verify the translation they can easily move on to the next tasks.

  • Adaptation of Content as per Speed and Accuracy

Software and app localization services often malfunction if not taken care of the process carefully. Certain changes and factors are inevitable to take into account. This is what makes scan and fixing the bugs in the alternate software evident. This is a crucial step to ensure that product works effectively and reaches its target audience. Therefore, good and professional localization experts should guarantee that he is well aware of the process of modifying content and speed as well as accuracy. This cannot be executed by optimizing language translations. It often happens where translated content somehow doesn’t get fit with the new language and the localizers have to tweak and tailor it to make it more fluent and understandable.

  • Bug Fixing and Tracking Skills

Whether it is software or work on mobile app localization services being conducted there could be bugs in the process throughout. Bugs are usually reported after the content’s translation in the localization process. Therefore, the localizers have to be familiar with the process of tracking bugs and fixing these. They should know about working on trackers which are used to track the bugs on the user interface and also the backend. These are the tasks that require localization experts to be good at basic and advanced coding skills. It is also important that professional translation services are a must-have for this purpose. 

They are also expected to run and coordinate the tests by creating anonymous users. They are the people who evaluate the software, use it, and report the errors and features which they don’t like or find unnecessary. The localizer then takes action according to the feedback and tests which get positive feedback.

  • Project Management Skills

Software localization has to work with a lot of people and teams during a project of localization. The team could involve different people with different temperaments and behavioral problems. A good software localizer should also be good and professional enough with management skills to cope with challenging tasks. As a lot of things are in process during localization so the localizer should bear with it and be able to multitask. This is why the localizer should ensure they have brushed up their management skills overall before they take up a project.

  • Cloud Computing and File Sharing

Internet and online resources come with a lot of risks. Also, the files have to be shared with the people, vendors, and relevant staff multiple times. These files are confidential and may contain sensitive data. Therefore, it is important to take care of the security of the files. This is where the localizer intervenes to play this rule. They should be aware of it and suggest the safest cloud computing process to share the files and avoid getting the data leaked. Cloud computing knowledge is also integral for fluidity in the process. Cloud computing is also recommended by experts to avoid the relevant hassles and hiccups.


Experience and relevant expertise are vital for all types of jobs. However, when it comes to software localization it is inevitable. An incompetent and inexperienced localizer can ruin the whole process wasting resources too. Therefore companies should make sure that the software localization experts contain the basic attributes which can help achieve the localization goals.

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