Flokati Rug Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

flokati rug review

A rug that can soften steps and enchant the eye, flokati offers warmth and comfort underfoot, as well as earthy natural colors. These woven wool shag rugs, made in Greece, have a natural stain resistance and are incredibly durable. Shop 1stDibs for 14 options to add a touch of authentic flokati to any living space, with classic versions from the '70s that pair well with Wegner chairs and op art making a comeback as well as newer designs.

These rugs are created with a thick, warm sheep’s wool that looks similar to sheepskin but is not as harsh on your skin as genuine shearling. They can also be a bit more high maintenance than other types of rugs as they are not treated with strong chemicals that soften sheepskin.

In earlier days, shepherds washed their woven wool blankets in the waters of the Pindus mountains to cleanse them and to fluffify the pile. This process is thought to be the origin of the modern flokati.

Using a large washing machine on the delicate cycle and adding a mild detergent, wash your rug once every 3-6 years to keep it fresh. It may shed during the process, but this is normal and to be expected as it allows the fibers to settle. Once it is dry, hang it and brush with a metal rug brush—the same kind that you would use for your dog—to restore its fullness and plushness. Do not put your rugs in the dryer.

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