Foxwoods Review of Dave Chappelle

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

dave chappelle foxwoods review

Dave Chappelle is a legend in his own right, a gifted comic who has achieved cult status thanks to the acclaimed HBO specials and Comedy Central show that followed it. He’s a master at using his own perspective to dissect issues of race, culture and politics with a deft sense of social criticism.

This is on full display in the Netflix special, and it’s particularly evident in the first hour of the set. For example, when Chappelle tells a story about buying a shotgun after moving to rural Ohio, he imagines shooting a “poor heroin-addicted white” who trespasses into his kitchen. This alignment toward perspectives of power is present throughout the special and gives the work a different feel from Chappelle’s earlier stand-up.

The rest of the set is a mix of old and new material. Chappelle pokes fun at his own ego, and he takes shots at the audience as well. He chides fans for their indifference to First Avenue’s cancellation and tries out a bit where he describes the inanity of a man asking him if he wants a cigarette (Chappelle responds by giving the guy two cigarettes).

Though I wouldn’t compare him to Richard Pryor, it is clear that this latest project reveals Chappelle at his best. He’s funny and incisive on subjects that should make audiences uncomfortable. Whether or not he can match the genius of his early work remains to be seen, but this is still a powerful special.

David Sunnyside
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