Frank and Oak Stevie Jeans Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

frank and oak stevie jeans review

After a successful launch last year, Frank and Oak is back with its sustainable jeans collection. The Canadian brand uses premium materials that feel good and look great—while having minimal impact on the planet, too. The new styles include the flared Joni and wide-leg Nina fits, relaxed Billie and high-waisted Debbie skinny jeans (all pictured above) as well as the tapered Stevie fit. The company partnered with Hydro-Less Laundry to create the jeans using their innovative Hydro-Less process, which requires 79% less energy and 50% fewer chemicals than standard denim production. The jeans also use up to 95% less water, compared to traditional methods that waste thousands of gallons.

To create the jeans, the company takes worn-out jeans that were destined for landfill and repurposes them into new fabrics. The fibres are broken down and re-spun to create the fabric for each pair of jeans, reducing the overall footprint of the brand.

As the fashion industry’s second largest consumer of water, reducing the amount of water used to produce clothes is a big deal. And, since jeans are one of the most water-intensive fabrics to make, minimizing that impact is even more important.

The jeans were designed as part of the brand’s Circular denim collection, which means that existing resources are kept in use as long as possible before they’re recycled after their life cycle ends. The new jeans are made with up to 95% less water than conventional cotton and have a clean hem finish, nickel shanks and NATULON recycled zipper tape.

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