Frigidaire FGHS2655PF Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

frigidaire fghs2655pf review

Frigidaire is an appliance company that specializes in designing refrigerators that work with the way people live. Their appliances have been developed to save families’ time and effort with features that are easy to use and convenient. Their innovative design and quality make them an excellent choice for any household.

With their smudge-proof stainless steel and intuitive control options, Frigidaire refrigerators are built to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. Their SpaceWise organization system keeps everything within reach and organized with a variety of interior storage capacity configuration options. Their humidity-controlled crispers are designed to keep food fresh and safe by removing excess moisture, so your foods stay in good condition.

When it comes to refrigerators, frigidaire fghs2655pf review has a model that fits almost any budget. Their top-freezer refrigerator offers 13.9 cubic feet of space and is perfect for apartments or those on a tighter budget. Its stainless-steel exterior gives it a high-end look for a low price. It also features LED lighting and the brand’s EvenTemp cooling technology. This feature optimizes airflow so that all parts of the fridge are cooled evenly and prevents warm spots in your freezer or cool spots in your fresh food section.

This particular refrigerator also performs well in our Refrigerators test program, with decent scores for temperature consistency and energy efficiency. Its average temperature is a few degrees lower than the other models that made it into our Best Refrigerators 2023 rating, but it still holds its own in this category. It also has a self-closing door that automatically pulls shut to keep cold air in and warm air out when it’s opened.

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