Fujitsu Lifebook T Series Review

February 7, 2023
David Sunnyside

fujitsu lifebook t series Review

Fujitsu Lifebook t series Review

The new fujitsu lifebook t series caters to a niche market looking for the functionality of a standard ultraportable notebook with the slick interface of a tablet PC. Our $1,399 review model combines a rotating 10-inch display that folds over a full-size keyboard with a dual digitizer screen for smooth pen input.

Fujitsu keeps its focus on the business sector with this laptop, keeping performance in mind while making sure it is a lightweight device that meets the needs of corporate users. The machine offers a ULV Core i7, fast SSD storage, security features and LTE support.

Keyboard & Trackpad

The keypad is well-sized and is accompanied by a row of small LED lights that sit above the keys. It is easy to press with two fingers and the multi-touch trackpad is fast and responsive.

Body & Cover

The body of the Fujitsu Lifebook t series is a solid unit with some chrome details around the lid and the engraved Fujitsu logo on the back. It also has a hinge that allows the lid to rotate 180 degrees.

The keyboard is also a good size and has decent travel, while the dedicated number pad is larger than you might expect on such a small device. The trackpad is a little cramped, but the buttons respond to presses quickly and with a satisfying click. It's not the best trackpad we've used, but it is good enough for our needs.

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