Functions of Virtual Data Room

December 4, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

VDR is an online environment designed for the safe storage of documents and their convenient sharing, which is becoming increasingly popular with every passing year. Such environments are suitable for individuals and legal entities wishing to simplify file storage and archiving. The development of a secure environment is appreciated even by the board members of large enterprises as they strive to work together.

The advantages of a data room include information security. However, when choosing a place to exchange documents, there is no general solution that works for everyone. Potential clients take into account their budget, due diligence requirements, functionality, and current legislation. There are programs that enable you to share all files via a single link.

Virtual Data Room: Capabilities

Any secure virtual data room provides the possibility to exchange files quickly. The documentation flow is tracked during transactions. The second advantage is intelligent permission management. You can use password protection and set restrictions on domains and email addresses.

It is possible to control access to each file by using virtual data room software like Pandadoc VDR. If desired, the client will prohibit certain actions with documents:

  • forwarding;
  • downloading;
  • exchange.

You can manage your company's confidential data. If necessary, document views are tracked, and even the page number is controlled. Another important feature is the possibility to set up a personalized view along with a banner and company logo. Viewers will be notified when new content is available.

By using secure storage locations, the company can take care of keeping customers' personal data safe. The emphasis is on security. It concerns personal information, cross-country communication, tracking of shared access and project management, providing a hierarchy of access to folders and documents.

VDRs: Areas of Application

A deal desk is often used before mergers of several companies. Thousands of documents where sellers and buyers communicate with each other are reviewed as needed. Virtual data is required when strategic partnerships between companies are contemplated. Access authorization may be given to specific users.

VDR: Additional Features

Modern salerooms can use software with additional capabilities. It is suitable for automating processes, distributing documents, global compliance, and creating an integrated data warehouse. The hard work is performed by artificial intelligence, thanks to which the accuracy of information for business is improved.

It is recommended to use programs that make it easier to comply with international regulations. With multi-level permissions, external parties see a portion of the data only. Documents are grouped within a single hierarchical structure after due diligence. The categories include:

  • historical data;
  • profit and loss statements;
  • evidence of compliance.

It is recommended that users can write notes to files and folders. The company owner will be able to request reports to be delivered to his/her email address. It will add value to the organization, promote the brand, and demonstrate corporate readiness.

Various digital tools are combined into a fully integrated system. Folders and individual files from different systems are transferred to a single location. Each person viewing them can categorize processes into active and completed ones. An employee who has resigned can have access rights revoked.

Business efficiency comes from a combination of artificial intelligence, flexibility, and functionality. On the one hand, the employer supports the hired employees. On the other hand, the business owner can control cooperation with third-party organizations.

Capabilities of Virtual Data Room

Users choose a virtual data room based on its capabilities. In addition to protection against external threats, key features include:

  • Encrypting data with modern technology.
  • Audit log. The owner will be able to track visitor activity.
  • Access and digital rights management.
  • Mass uploading with the possibility of dragging and dropping files.
  • Protection from external threats. It is impossible to hack into the storage.

The data encryption feature is considered relatively new. The connection between the server and the client must be secure. When using electronic security certificates, data is transmitted in encrypted form. Even in case of interception, fraudsters will not decrypt them.

We can discuss auditing as a separate topic. Often employees have to cooperate with regulatory agencies to comply with legal requirements. They review documents for their companies and executives seeking, for instance, to purchase shares during initial public offerings. Transparency is essential for the audit to be comprehensive. Users will be interested in three features. These include.:

  1. Versatility. The same location is suitable for enterprises from different fields. They can be engaged in law, investment banking, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and renewable energy development.
  2. Security. Organizational risks are reduced through international compliance and encryption. Businesses have the same level of protection as the world's leading banks.
  3. Control. Customers will see how documents are viewed and processed. Users can share them through a simple and straightforward management system. Restricted viewing can be used and watermarks can be set up.

While selecting virtual deal room solutions, don't forget the importance of a place where documents can be shared with potential clients. Preferably, the platform should have a helpdesk. It is good if there are advanced document-sharing options.

VDR: What Benefits are Possible

Users have access to a secure way of storing documents that can be accessed by several people at the same time. This option is most often used by companies when merging or collaborating on a project with employees from another company. Virtual documents are considered more secure than physical documents. They do not get destroyed accidentally or lost during transportation. You can disable the possibility of copying, printing, or sending them to other people.


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