Future - When I Was Broke

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

After gaining success with a number of chopped and screwed mixtapes, Future got his big break in the studio with his first two LPs—2017’s self-titled debut and 2018’s Hndrxx. Both albums showcased his versatility and prowess in the music industry as he crafted a combination of fun bangers with a dark undertone.

Although Future tries to portray a brash persona, he’s in touch with his thoughts and emotions. Whether that be through a rap about his struggles with love interests or his addiction to certain substances. His 2011 mixtape Dirty Sprite is an ode to lean, and his 2014 hit “Codeine Crazy” and most recent anthems reference molly and Percocet.

His unique style has captivated a large audience, with his raspy voice resonating through strong 808s and rattling percussion. He’s also made a name for himself in the R&B game, with his vocal range allowing him to contort words and syllables to evoke an array of feelings.

Despite the fame and fortune, Future is not immune to struggles. The rapper has been involved in a child support battle with his 9th baby’s mother, Eliza Reign, who is attempting to compel him to pay $53,000 a month in support payments. He’s tried to downplay his lavish lifestyle in court by claiming that he’s nearly broke, but Eliza and her lawyer are not impressed. This is why we feel that “when I was broke” is one of the saddest songs in Future’s discography.

David Sunnyside
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