G Slim Herbal Vaporizer Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

g slim herbal vaporizer review

The g slim herbal vaporizer is an excellent budget option. It is very compact and discreet. It has a small chamber for ground material and a flute-like mouthpiece, but it still can get big hits. It heats up quickly and is a big improvement over traditional smoking, which destroys up to 80% of active substances due to combustion. With vaporizing, you only vaporize the active ingredients that are useful and beneficial to your health.

To use, unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the oven and load your finely ground herb in the chamber. Make sure it isn’t packed too tightly as this will restrict airflow and impact vapor quality. Return the mouthpiece, click the button five times to turn it on and select a temperature setting. Once the unit has warmed up, you can begin to draw. The vapor produced is very nice for such a low-cost and portable device.

Once the vaporizer has cooled, remove the mouthpiece and clean the chamber using the supplied tool. It is also recommended to dab a little bit of your preferred oil or e-juice on the atomizer, as this will prime it and help to smooth out the flavor.

The battery is rechargeable, and it takes about three hours to fully charge. When it’s done, a fully charged battery will last about 6 – 12 sessions depending on the temperature settings used, how much dry herb is loaded in the chamber and how long draws (long inhales) are taken.

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