Gamification WordPress Plugin: GamiPress Full Review

October 23, 2021
Justin Lumiere

Plugin Description

Are you looking for a plugin that will allow your WordPress visitors to engage with your website like playing a video game? If so, check out the official GamiPress Gamification WordPress Plugin WordPress plugin below.

Gamification is the usage of a third party plugin (if you use WordPress) for your website that enables visitors to create and account and earn rewards by completing digital tasks such as commenting or content creation. It is a very simple idea that does not involve a virtual environment yet but evokes a feeling of that with community and interaction between visitors. The cool part is, there is a wordpress plugin that can do all of that and more!

When I first heard of "gamification" I was intrigued. After reading about what the term actually means I have found it to be quite interesting. I have never thought about this idea of points being used to promote interaction on a website. My only critique would be what the points can "buy" someone. The incentive must be there for them. Either free publicity, exposure is what first comes to my mind. Today's world has so many fun aspects such as playing a game by doing simple tasks. Games are the future.

GamiPress created this plugin for its WordPress users to be able to promote their songs. WordPress is a great platform for bloggers, digital content producers and writers. Utilizing WordPress with GamiPress adds a level of interaction to your site.

Specifications: Gamification WordPress Plugin

  • Creator: GamiPress
  • Cost: Free
  • Active Installations: 10,000+
  • Plugin Page

Photos: Gamification WordPress Plugin

Gamification WordPress Plugin

Extra Information

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