Gamma Forest Doctor Who (DVD) Review

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

gamma forest doctor who

The Doctor explains that the people of the Gamma Forest equate "Doctor" with "Warrior". He did something so awesome in their forest that they're now referring to him as a warrior. That's a pretty big deal!

Kovarian's soldiers believe that the Doctor is a fearsome warrior that needs to be killed. They enlist the help of one of their own, Lorna Bucket (Christina Chong), who met the Doctor when she was young and is happy to be with him again. She embroiders a cloth with Melody's name written in the language of her people as a religious good luck charm for Amy.

Rory's fight with the Headless Monks is a great example of the Doctor following his own rules of engagement, "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". They're also wrong about the bloodless victory, and they ignore the fact that the gay soldiers have both died.

Dorium is a very smug snake in this episode, especially when he says that fooling the Doctor once was a pleasure, but fooling him twice with the same trick is a privilege!

It's possible that an incarnation of the Doctor will meet Lorna again in the future, and it would be interesting to see her memories wiped in the same way that the Time Lords made Zoe forget her first adventure with the 2nd Doctor. It could be a fun adventure to see how different people around the universe view the Doctor and whether or not he can live up to their expectations.

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