Garmin 2539LMT Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

garmin 2539lmt review

GPS units are a must for driving and the garmin 2539lmt is one of the best. It is very easy to use and the features it offers are great.

It comes with lifetime map updates and can also display points of interest from Foursquare.

It has a 5-inch touchscreen and can be used in dual orientations. It is a bit heavier than most of its competitors and has thicker bezels on the sides.

Unlike most GPS devices, this device has a glass screen and that makes it feel more polished than the typical cheap entry-level unit you see in a shop window. It also supports multi-touch gestures, so it is very easy to pinch and zoom the map.

The 2539lmt is a great option for anyone looking to get a good quality GPS at an affordable price. It has some very useful features that are not available on other low-cost models, such as the ability to connect to a smartphone through Bluetooth technology and voice-activated navigation.

It also has features that are more useful for highway navigation, such as Active Lane Guidance which helps you avoid a dangerous situation by guiding you to the proper lane. It also has Bird's Eye junction view which gives you a detailed view of junctions and interchanges, as if you were a bird flying overhead.

Digital Traffic is a great feature that lets you know when you are getting closer to a road block or congestion, giving you time to prepare for your next turn. It will even tell you the distance you need to travel and if there are any possible detours.

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