Garmin Fenix 8 Release Date Revealed

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

garmin fenix 8 release date

Garmin's Fenix series sports watches are widely recognized and beloved. Able to track nearly any activity imaginable and offering various outdoor navigation features, its latest edition was introduced as part of January 2022's launch event and quickly earned rave reviews both from users and critics alike. Garmin is now planning the release of a successor model for later in 2022.

The new Fenix 8 will likely follow its predecessor's design and come in various sizes and styles, featuring an improved battery that lasts longer than previous models. Furthermore, solar-powered models could possibly exist; Garmin has registered patents for an AMOLED display capable of harvesting sunlight without external power sources.

One feature that could make the Fenix 8 an attractive choice for active athletes is its built-in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver. While only Sapphire Solar models of Fenix 7 offer this functionality, other versions should soon follow suit and allow real-time tracking of location without having to take it off and connect it to a smartphone app.

Fenix 8 could come equipped with an ECG heart rate sensor. This emerging technology monitors real-time heart rates to identify any irregularities; several manufacturers have already begun including this feature in smartwatches - so hopefully soon after it arrives on Fenix 8.

Fenix 8 could include a microphone to use with voice assistants. This feature has become increasingly common on smartwatches today and has been requested by many users; additionally, this could provide an easy way for keeping in contact with friends and family while out and about.

Garmin's Fenix series is among the company's best-selling offerings, but updating their lineup with new models remains crucial to staying relevant in today's market. The Fenix 8 presents Garmin with an ideal opportunity to do just that and will likely meet with great approval by their customer base.

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