Gazelle T8 Tent Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

gazelle t8 tent review

Gazelle is a well-known brand in the outdoor community, and their quick pitch tents are renowned among campers for their ease of set up. Their products are also incredibly sturdy and utilize top-of-the-line waterproofing technologies to keep campers comfortable and dry.

The T3 has 40 square feet of space and can sleep 3 people comfortably, the T4 is 40% larger at 61 square feet to accommodate 4 people, and the T4 Plus is a mammoth 110 square feet to fit anywhere from 4-8 campers. These large camping tents have a porch to keep gear out of the weather, eight zip-down windows for sunlight and ventilation, and multiple vents along the ground and roof to maintain air circulation even with the rain fly on.

These pop up tents are easy to set up with pre-attached hub elements that X-cross the poles on all sides of the tent. They also feature pull loops to make it even easier to have your tent ready for the next day of camping. Once you’re done, the hubs and poles fold into themselves to create a compact, easily transportable duffel bag that’s perfect for storing in your car or truck.

The tents are a little heavy-most weigh in at over 50 lbs-so they’re best for use on short camping trips that don’t require you to carry your tent far from the car. They also have a lot of features, including a screen room attached to the main tent that can be used for a bug-free lounge or zipped closed for privacy. The doors are also made of high-quality YKK zippers that are designed to eliminate jamming and snags.

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