Geeks Who Drink Trailer

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

A group of friends are ostracized by their peers for their geekiness. They form a revenge team to get back at them, and the plan is to lace a punch bowl with a drug that makes anyone who drinks from it fall unconscious. However, when they test the drug on themselves, they discover that it actually causes them to lose their minds.

This new trivia show hosted by Chuck's Zachary Levi is based on Geeks Who Drink, which is a live pub quiz that happens in bars around the country. The show will feature two teams each with a celebrity team captain. It's a mix of group challenges, trivia and bar games.

The first episode premieres Thursday, just a week after Comic-Con. We caught up with producer and co-creator Mark Pellegrino to talk about the series and what fans can expect from it.

The first episode features a speed round, a question about the common element in four pictures, geeky math and a bar game that has nothing to do with trivia. The only thing missing from this trailer is a question about Defiance or any of Syfy's other shows.

David Sunnyside
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