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November 15, 2022

The world is not such a safe place. Businesses and organizations need a good security system to protect all aspects of their organizations, including cybersecurity. Security is needed for controlling business building access and protecting employees and company management. It is too easy to end up with one type of security for events, another for day-to-day building security, and yet another system to protect the company's information online in cyberspace. What is needed is a unified approach to security.

What Are Physical Security systems?

A physical security system is a software and physical security program aimed at protecting business employees, buildings, hardware, networks and data, and software from physical or online actions or happenings that cause serious damage or losses. This is accomplished by a company such as Genetec using multiple forms of coordinated systems such as CCTV surveillance, protective barrier, security guards, locks, perimeter protection, access control, deterrent systems, fire protection, and computer software.

They also help train a company's security force. Some events companies and organizations need protection from include theft, espionage, terrorist attacks, computer hacks, and vandalism. The best security is provided by unified physical security systems.

Security systems for protected buildings are designed to deter possible intruders with security signs, lighting, and other means. They are meant to detect, monitor, and record intruders and to notify security guards, police, and others of the incident so they can respond.

Genetec Security Center

The Genetec Security Center is a unique kind of security platform. It is customized to meet each customer's needs and unify all company data to allow the company security people to set security policies, run investigations, or monitor events. As new data becomes available, this system can incorporate it to the best advantage. It has a large ecosystem to let people expand their security systems as needed and as new threats emerge. This security platform can be operated from one location. The security center unifies a company's whole security program so it can provide a more usable experience at all stages of growth.

Advantages of the Security Center Include:

  • This platform provides a unified physical security system to provide better security outcomes.
  • This platform has a proven track record with a lot of customers.
  • Security Center provides solutions for modern threats, including cyber threats.
  • This platform is supported by numerous support and engineering specialists. Customer support is important when implementing the software and when problems happen.

Achieving Access Control for Individual Doors and For Whole Buildings

Commercial buildings, businesses, and organizations that need special security and limited access can use different systems to limit access. A video management system with CCTV monitoring and an access control system such as Synergis can limit building access and monitor who is coming and going. There is also a cloud-based monitoring system using video called Stratocast. Equipment such as the AutoVu SharpZ3 ALPR device, the AutoVu SharpV to read and view the video at the same time, and the KiwiVision unified analytics for video analytics and surveillance all help improve security.

A control system for door access limits the people who are allowed to open a door. This can be an exterior or an interior door. The goal of door access systems is to provide needed security while giving authorized people an easy, convenient way to enter secure spaces. There are several systems for door access.

Exterior doors can be monitored by on-site security guards or doormen. These professionals check people's credentials before allowing them to enter the building.

Doors can be locked with a traditional mechanical lock with keys to open them. This is the most common form of building security. But keys can be lost and locks can be picked, leaving buildings at risk.

There are more and more electronic door access systems using an electronic controller. Authorized people are given key fobs or there is a keypad or an intercom to allow entry. There are also mobile door control systems. This system can also use biometric scans.

High-security buildings can use a mechatronic system to guard door access. This type of security system combines electronic and mechanical door access. Authorized people will have to scan a key card or a key fob before using it to open a door.

Other Security Areas

Controlling doors or building access for security is fine, but companies and organizations are finding that huge amounts of damage can be done by bad actors who never enter the building. Computer hackers, thieves, and scammers can do a lot of damage to unprotected or under-protected computers and stored data. Computer hackers can take a company's or organization's data and operating system hostage and demand large ransoms to release them. Hackers can breach Stored company data and steal customer and employee personal information and sell it.

It is very important for every entity with security concerns to make sure there are good cybersecurity measures in place. A cyber security system should include information security, user access security, software security, and network security. All authorized computer users should be trained in cybersecurity practices.

Finally, the business or organization managers should meet with the security specialists they choose for building security and have a building security inspection. Every building has weak points for security that need to be changed. The security company representative should come up with a security plan that covers every risk in a unified system.

Don't forget to plan for natural disasters, electrical outages, fires, and other events that can cause building damage and breaches in normal security plans. The location of the building might determine what disasters or weather events might impact building security such as tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, and other events.

The building security should also include safety measures like fire prevention and building safety inspections. Employees should all be trained to work with the building's security and safety measures.  Employees should be notified of any changes in the security system and how the changes will impact them. Building and business security is an ongoing effort that must be regularly reviewed and changed as needs change. 

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