Giant XTC Junior 24 Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

giant xtc junior 24 review

Designed to get young riders pumped on riding trails, xtc junior 24 has everything they need in a mini mountain bike. Its lightweight aluminum frame, front suspension, fast-rolling 20 or 24-inch wheels and trail-ready tires make it a great bike for adventure.

Getting Started

It may be polarizing these days, but one thing's for sure: Whether your child is looking to rip it up the trails or simply cruise around the neighborhood, they can get a great ride on this hardtail. Its aluminum frame is Giant's lightest, fabricated using a proprietary hydroforming process to give it the race-worthy performance and affordability you want in a kids' hardtail. Two models are offered with wide-range gearing and a long chainstay for added stability. Shop All Giant Bikes for more options and to find the right bike for your kid.

David Sunnyside
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