Gibson G Force Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

gibson g force review

About the G-Force Tuning System

Gibson began using an automatic tuning system on some of its guitars a few years ago. It was called the Min-ETune, but now it's called G-Force and has become standard fare on all Gibson six-string models.

What guitarists do not like about it

There were plenty of guitarists who hated the G-Force tuners and paid to get them removed from their guitars. Often, they complained that the tuners were too unreliable and that it was difficult to use them as a substitute for traditional and essential tuning pegs.

What guitarists do like about it

It's fast, and the tuning accuracy is good - but not perfect. It's a bit wonky, and the battery can run down quickly so you need to check it regularly, but overall, it's an easy way to tune your guitar.

How to change the G-Force setting

You can choose one of two pre-set banks – Green or Red – which are separated into different settings. Once you select an alternative tuning it becomes the default, so you need to reset the bank or reset the system in order to return to standard settings.

How to change the G-Force battery

The G-Force is powered by a lithium ion battery which can be replaced. The battery must be changed and re-charged periodically to restore the full capacity of the unit, or it may break.

If you have a capo on your guitar, the G-Force can detect the position of the capo and take it into account while tuning. It can then be programmed to save this as a custom tuning, or you can use it to re-tune your guitar once you've added the capo.

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