Glaxon Anomaly Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

glaxon anomaly review

First introduced back in August, Glaxon’s unique new muscle building supplement Anomaly is finally here. This revolutionary new product contains a plant-based peptide that was unlocked using artificial intelligence, called PeptiStrong (Fava Bean Hydrolysate). It promises many typical muscle-building benefits including reduced muscle loss when in a caloric deficit and improved post-workout recovery.

One thing that stands out when looking at the supplement facts panel is that this is a relatively low-dose supplement. There is only 2.4 grams of the fava bean peptide in each serving, which is very little compared to standard protein supplements.

This is due to the use of DRCaps, which deliver a delayed effect that avoids early digestion and breakdown. This is also why the fava bean peptide is able to maximize your body’s anabolic response, which is an important benefit for those who want to retain quality muscle tissue when on a caloric deficit or cutting phase. It is also able to achieve this without the androgenic side effects associated with pharmaceutical anabolics, making it suitable for both men and women.

David Sunnyside
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