Go Princess Go Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

go princess go review

What happens when a womanizing 21st century playboy accidentally transmigrates back in time to live in the body of a royal princess? That's the premise of Go Princess Go, a delightfully low-budget Chinese drama.

While most gender-bender movies and series focus on how a person gradually comes to understand the opposite gender, this one takes a different approach, exploring court intrigue and even murderous husbands and shady brothers-in-law. With a beautiful cast, stunning visuals, and some seriously wacky comedy that's just a little bit out of this world, Go Princess Go is a fresh, whirlwind, and absurdly entertaining drama.

The Art & Presentation

Go Princess Go has a really nice, early-era VN aesthetic that ties in well with the bishojo genre. The animation is fast, and the characters are a lot more ethereal than most.

The Acting

The acting is surprisingly good for the low budget. There are a few times where the actors' faces get very deadpan, but overall they do a great job of conveying emotions and feelings.


The game focuses on developing your chosen princess by reaching squares that allow her to study, train and fight, as well as completing challenges issued by the king. These missions - which can last a long time - are all based on rolling a dice until you land on the right spot, which can be a very frustrating process.

This is a weird and charming digital board game, but it's also one that will take a lot of patience to get the hang of, so if you have a friend who is interested in playing this, make sure you both have a reasonable amount of time to dedicate to it. Otherwise, there's a chance you'll both find yourself frustrated with each other every round and it will be hard to stay in the game.

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