Godox SK400ii Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The godox sk400ii review is an excellent choice for photographers who are looking to purchase their first studio strobe light as it offers solid core features and convenient convenience features at a budget-friendly price. Its 0.4-3 second recycle time and 1/800 to 1/2000 flash durations are great for shooting still photographs and the large LCD panel makes it easy to read and adjust settings. The power output can be adjusted in 40 steps from 1/16 to full power and it features an anti-preflash function too.

The Godox sk400ii is designed to be a durable studio strobe light and it has managed to do well in that department thanks to the high-quality materials used for its construction. It also has an effective cooling system that helps to prevent the strobe from overheating. The strobe light uses superpower capacitors that provide very quick recycling times while simultaneously dissipating as much heat as possible. The SK400ii has a slight limitation when it comes to the maximum flash duration but that is common in most entry-level studio strobe lights.

It has built-in 2.4G wireless X1 radio technology that allows it to be triggered and controlled using compatible X1 TTL transmitters or XT16 or FT16 power remotes. Its 32 radio channels enable wireless control of the head's power, modeling lamp, and mode. The Godox sk400ii also has an auto preflash function that enables synchronization with cameras that have a one-preflash firing system. This strobe is also lightweight at 4.6 lb and it has a Bowens front accessory mount to allow it to be used with a variety of Godox and other manufacturers’ modifiers.

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