Gorechosen Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

gorechosen review

Gorechosen is a fast-paced arena combat game for 2-4 players. In this boxed set you will find four plastic multi-part Citadel miniatures (the Exalted Deathbringer of Khorne, Skullgrinder Herax, a Slaughterpriest and a muscle bound Gorehulk), a double sided game board, cards, tokens and dice. All the models are embedded in soft foam, keeping them safe and spared from paint scratches during transport. The game comes with a clear and concise rulebook with colour-coded and numbered instructions. You can assemble and be ready to play in around an hour!

The Gorechosen are the warriors of the blood god Khorne, and as such they are ruthless. This is reflected in the way the game plays out. You enter the arena and fight for supremacy on a hex grid of battlements and pits that will test your warriors to the limit.

You will be fighting for glory and the favor of your god with all manner of weapons and ploys. The power cards allow you to use reaction abilities, ploys and upgrades. Some of the ploys are very powerful like the blood-curdling roar and the call of blood, while others are more tactical in nature. The objective deck allows you to place blood tithe counters on objectives to gain benefits and stop enemy fighters from standing on them.

Gorechosen is a great addition to your warhammer collection and is also an excellent entry point for new players looking to dive into the strange world of Games Workshop. It is fun, brutal, beautiful in a skull-heavy, arterial blood-spraying sort of way and will delight the fans of the blood god that is Khorne.

David Sunnyside
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