GT Youth Stomper Pro 24 Bike Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

gt youth stomper pro 24 bike review

GT youth stomper pro 24 bike review

The gt youth stomper pro 24 is a mountain bike made specifically for active kids who aren't ready to ride a full-size adult mountain bike. Designed to be durable and versatile, it offers a Legit Fit System alloy frame that's lightweight yet tough for small riders to maneuver smoothly.

Features & Quality

To begin, the GT Stomper has a 7 or 8-speed drivetrain depending on the size. This makes it ideal for children who are ready to start learning to shift gears, and its aluminum frame can withstand daily wear and tear.

It also comes equipped with alloy v-type levers that engage disc brakes. This feature allows young riders to stop quickly without getting off their bikes. The 20" and 24" models of the Stomper have Kenda Small Block Eight tires that roll smoothly over dirt or pavement.

The bike has a wide range of sizes, so it's easy to find the right one for your child. The 24" model is available with a suspension fork for improved traction over trails, and the 26" version has a disc brake that's responsive in wet conditions.

While some testers found the GT Stomper to be a great bike, others complained that it was prone to chain slap and flats. Chain slap caused damage to the paintwork on the bike's chainstay, and flat tires were frequent for many test riders. The All Terra fork on the 24" and 26" versions of the Stomper is stiff, so it's best for heavier riders.

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