Guess 1981 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

Guess 1981 is a woody, aromatic fragrance that smells great for fall or winter wear. It opens with black pepper and orange, and the top notes blend nicely with sage, leather, and lavender. This scent also contains a hint of cardamom, so it can be classified as a spicy fragrance. The base notes are made of musk, cedar, and amber. This perfume is a good choice for men who want to show off their maturity and masculinity.

In the film, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, interracial marriage is a big issue that the two families must face. It is the first time that such a controversial topic has been addressed in a movie, and it shows how far we have come as a society. It also shows how important it is to respect other cultures and to be open minded. The movie also has a beautiful setting, and the characters are played by some of the best actors.

GUESS founded in 1981, as a symbol of young, sexy and adventurous lifestyle. In the early years of the brand, GUESS was focused on denim but soon expanded into a full line of apparel and accessories for trend-setting fashionistas. Today, the Marciano brothers still run GUESS.

Guess 1981 for Men is a fresh, fruity cologne that is perfect for a casual summer day. The top notes of violet leaf and bergamot are reminiscent of the Californian lifestyle. After that, the scent develops into a mellow blend of apple and wormwood. Then, it turns into a more woody aroma with hints of oakmoss and frankincense. The final note is a subtle blend of amber and cedar.

David Sunnyside
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