Guild Starfire IV Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

guild starfire iv review

Guild starfire iv review

The guild starfire iv is a semi-hollowbody electric guitar that combines the classic feel of a thinline body with the organic resonant tone only a semi-hollow can produce. It is a wonderful choice for anyone looking for a guitar that feels and sounds great, but does not have the frills or extra features found on other semi-hollows.

This is a really good looking, solidly built and well made instrument that is great value for the money. It's made in Korea which I usually don't like, but the quality is second to none and it doesn't feel cheap, like most Korean instruments do.

It has two humbuckers, which are great because they are more powerful than most humbuckers and you can get some great spank tones from them. It also has a Bigsby style vibrato tailpiece which is a nice feature that you don't get on many humbuckers.

The bridge on this guitar is not pinned to the body, which can be a bit of an issue with live performances, as it can easily be slid out of alignment if you over-excite it. The tuning stability is fairly good, though, and the weight distribution is very even on this guitar.

The LB-1 pickups are replicas of the original smaller size Guild humbucking pickups and they sound fantastic, with great output and tonal range. They are a little bit less active than a PAF but they don't seem to be affected by acoustic resonance. They are very clear and have lots of warmth, which makes them very versatile for a lot of different playing styles.

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