Havoline Fully Synthetic Motor Oil Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

havoline fully synthetic motor oil review

Havoline fully synthetic motor oil review is a full line of automotive engine lubricants from Chevron Corporation, one of the biggest energy corporations in America. These lubricants are formulated with the latest technology and proprietary additives to provide exceptional performance, protection and fuel economy. Havoline’s lubricants are manufactured to meet various automobile manufacturer specifications, including the API SN and ACEA A3/B3 standards. The company’s lubricants are also rated by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and have passed rigorous tests to ensure quality and effectiveness.

There are four different types of Havoline engine oils to choose from, including their high mileage formulas that help extend the life of older engines. These are formulated with elements for cleaning, anti-wear, and seal conditioning to prevent oil leaks and to keep the engine running smooth. This formula helps to lower the engine’s temperature, and also protects against thermal breakdown and evaporative losses.

Other types of Havoline engine oils include their ECO5 formulation that is made with 100% synthetic base stocks to deliver superior performance and durability. This is designed for a wide range of driving conditions and has excellent cold weather starting capabilities. It also offers good oxidation control and provides high levels of wear protection. This formulation meets a number of European car manufacturer specifications, including BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen.

Another option is their premium SN formulation. This is engineered to meet the latest vehicle requirements, including GM’s Dexos1 Gen specification. It has excellent low temperature properties, and it is a good choice for vehicles operating under heavy loads and stop-and-go traffic.

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