Heavenstrike Rivals Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The company behind Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger proves it still has a knack for making great games when it teams up with Mediatonic to deliver a mobile-centric strategy game. Heavenstrike Rivals has plenty of market-proven mechanics to rely on, but it masterfully executes on each one and manages to create an interesting experience.

The game has a lot of character, setting, and story to go with its fast paced combat. The premise is pretty standard war and good against evil, but the writing has surprising depth for a freemium game. It's the sort of game where the level of thought needed to succeed can keep you coming back for more.

Graphically, the game is stunning. The character art is clear and well defined, and the orchestral soundtrack is epic, accompanying every action. However, it may eventually get a little annoying after the same generic "Ah!" is heard over and over again as your units attack. This is especially true if you're playing for more than ten minutes in a row.

In addition to the story, the game also has a variety of ways to play. You can take on other players in regular battles, arena tournaments, and global leaderboards. This makes it a great choice for those who want to challenge themselves and see how far they can climb on the PvP leaderboards.

Unfortunately, like many other freemium games, this title has some monetization issues that need to be addressed. It costs a certain amount of energy and tickets to access multiplayer battles, which can quickly become an issue for those who play for a long time. But even with those issues, heavenstrike rivals is a stellar entry into the genre and should be on the top of anyone's list of freemium strategy games.

David Sunnyside
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