Heidi Jaffe Psychic Medium Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

heidi jaffe psychic medium review

Heidi is a psychic medium who has been in the business since 2014. She is well known for her incredible accuracy and detailed evidence she provides for her clients from their loved ones on the other side. She also specializes in tarot readings, palm readings, oracle readings, chakra balancing and healing, spiritual meditation and cleansing, and past life regressions. Her services are available via phone or in person.

She also offers pro bono missing persons cases, home readings and clearings. She works with her clients from her office in downtown Orlando or remotely on Skype. She is also a certified Medium through the Forever Family Foundation and an accredited Master Teacher of Advanced Psychic Mediumship through Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.

How Does Heidi Demonstrate That She’s Not A Scam Psychic?

Unlike some of the other psychics on this list, Heidi has taken some significant steps to show that she’s not a scam. First, she explains in detail on her website how to prepare for a reading so that you get the best results possible. She also makes sure that her website is searchable and shows up in legitimate places on the web.

She is also the only psychic on this list that has gone as far as to have herself verified by a third party. While this doesn’t guarantee that she’s legit, it does at least show that she’s serious about her work and is taking steps to protect herself from bad reviews and complaints.

David Sunnyside
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