Hellbent No 8 Tackle Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

no 8 tackle hellbent review

A lot of bass fishermen prefer to rely on lighter line techniques like monofilament finesse and the Hellbent series can more than handle this. The series has a wide range of power ratings and spec configs to cover just about any setting.

In terms of durability, the Hellbent Series also excels. It uses stainless-steel guides with zirconium inserts to reduce friction and limit the amount of slap the fishing line causes against the blank. These guides are also corrosion-resistant and can easily withstand the rigours of saltwater fishing.

The Hellbent Series also aims to keep you comfortable while you fish with its grip ergonomics. Most manufacturers use either cork or EVA foam in their grips but the Hellbent series combines both to deliver a premium grip that is both comfortable and durable. Its composite grip utilises crushed cork in the butt and mid-grip area while the fore two-thirds of the mid-grip features a layer of EVA foam.

The Hellbent Series is a high-quality rod that offers exceptional sensitivity and excellent components at a fair price. It’s a great choice for anglers who want to get into bass fishing without breaking the bank.

David Sunnyside
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