Hello Kitty Gun

May 16, 2023
Justin Lumiere

hello kitty gun

No matter your opinion of Hello Kitty, no one can deny that this gun is pretty. Dakota Bandit Designs of Wahpeton, North Dakota designed and painted this pink pistol featuring Hello Kitty as a theme adorned with cerakoted magazines featuring lasered and metal engraved backplates - guaranteed to turn heads and grab attention.

No doubt the creators of this gun are proud, yet have also come under criticism for "glamorizing weapons" and potentially encouraging young children to pick up and use firearms. Yet people continue to purchase these adorable firearms.

Are guns too pretty for us to handle?

In response to Rhianna's gun tattoos and Angelina Jolie's collection (including real-life versions of Lara Croft props from Tomb Raider), firearm manufacturers have responded with female-themed weapons aimed at female customers - Taurus offers pistols with pink mother of pearl grips while TJ's Custom Gunworks will personalize weapons with Hello Kitty logos on them.

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