Hempanol Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

Hempanol review

Hempanol is a whole food substance that helps to activate CB2 receptors throughout the body, particularly in key organ systems. It is a blend of raw CO2-extracted hemp and raw wild Oregano P73 supercritical extract, the two richest natural sources of high-beta caryophyllene.

This combination of ingredients includes specialized organic blue chamomile and hops (historically used for relaxation support), cinnamon and a special form of omega fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid, which is found in very few foods and is essential for all humans.

All the ingredients are extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide, a process that keeps all the important enzymes and other nutrients intact. The final blend is a pure, clear oil that can be taken directly from the bottle, and it never requires refrigeration.

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