Hereafter Destiny Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

hereafter destiny review

We've been getting a lot of Exotic gear in Destiny recently, especially from Year Two and The Taken King expansion. Today we're looking at one of these weapons - hereafter destiny review

Hereafter is a sniper rifle that debuted with The Taken King expansion and looks like it could be a good fit for PVP.

This sniper's perks are perfect for PVP, thanks to Perfectionist and Blinding Light. The former increases zoom distance when crouching, and the latter reduces reticle flinch. It also has a base range that's a little high, which makes it ideal for a variety of fights at long range.

The Hereafter Perk

Unlike most other Exotics in Destiny, Hereafter comes with a perk that's not found on any other Sniper Rifle in the game. This perk is called The Hereafter, and it offers an additional bonus that noticeably increases the scope's zoom when crouching.

The Hereafter Perk is a great addition to any Sniper Rifle, and it's definitely worth picking up if you want more range than Black Spindle or 1000 Yard Stare can give you. Plus, Hereafter also offers a few other cool perks that can make the fights at long range even more interesting.

Perfectionist and Blinding Light

This is a great perk for setting up your enemies, then hitting them with a precision kill to put a huge amount of damage on them. It's going to work best with an Arc shield and a low magazine size, so be prepared to set up and tear things down in single target mode if you want to get the most out of Perfectionist.

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