Heyday Headphones Review

May 16, 2023
Justin Lumiere

heyday headphones

Heyday headphones from Target's technology line Heyday offer wireless earbuds designed to be worn without cords. Their sleek design features include an inbuilt microphone and remote for controlling music or phone calls; as well as a battery that lasts up to six hours of use.

The Heyday headphones feature three sizes of eartips to ensure the ideal fit. Bluetooth 5.0 provides stable connectivity and clear sound quality; you can use these headphones with any Bluetooth-enabled device like smartphones, televisions, computers or gaming consoles; they even connect seamlessly with voice assistants like Siri or Alexa!

How to Pair Heyday Headphones to Your iPhone

In order to successfully pair Heyday wireless earbuds with an iphone, first ensure they are fully charged. Next, navigate your iphone's settings and open its Bluetooth menu - turn on Bluetooth feature - wait for Heyday earbuds to appear as available devices and follow on-screen instructions until they appear and then select and pair with them through it.

If you are having difficulty pairing your earbuds, perform a soft reset by holding down the middle button on the inline controller for 10 seconds and holding them down again; this will reset them and reconnect them to your device. If this does not help, customer support may provide further assistance.

Heyday Wireless Flat Bluetooth Earbuds are ideal for listening to music, watching television, or speaking on the phone. Easy to pair with any device that offers Bluetooth capability and comfortable for up to six hours at a time use; their ergonomic design provides long-wear comfort while their high-quality audio driver produces crystal-clear sound quality.

These earbuds feature a high-quality microphone to allow hands-free phone calls. Lightweight and easy to use, these earbuds can last for up to six hours on one charge with an indicator light showing how much battery life remains.

When not in use, your earbuds will automatically shut off to conserve battery power and extend its lifespan. For even more control, press and hold the middle button on your inline controller for 10 seconds to manually turn them off.

These stylish earbuds boast a modern, sleek aesthetic that will appeal to anyone who appreciates fashionable accessories. Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones as well as most audio devices, these lightweight yet compact headphones come in multiple colors to meet your personal taste and are easily packed away into bags or pockets for use anytime!

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