Hi-Point 40 Carbine Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The hi-point 40 carbine is a small, simple carbine chambered in pistol calibers that is meant to be carried around on the ranch or farm for personal protection. With a red dot mounted, it's also a handy way to quickly bring down varmints on your property or in your home.

This carbine is built to use the same magazines as Hi-Point's 9mm Model 34510.45 ACP handgun. The magazines insert in the pistol grip and are released by a button at the back of the trigger guard, just behind the thumb safety (up for Safe, down for Fire). The magazine capacity is nine rounds, but Hi-Point offers extended 20-round.45 ACP magazines that are available directly from them for $25 apiece.

Hi-Points use a blowback action, which means that their pistol slides and receivers tend to be heavier than those of locked breech rifles and carbines. To keep costs down, they use an alloy called Zamak-3 in areas that don't have to stand up to high pressures such as barrels and chambers.

The Hi-Point carbine is a fairly bare bones firearm, but it comes with a lot of features. There is a skeletonized polymer stock with a spring-loaded buttpad to help absorb recoil. The bolt handle reciprocates with each shot and is adjustable up or down a bit, but the adjustment knob is a bit difficult to reach when you're in the middle of firing. The front sight is a steel post in a protective circle, and the rear sight aperture is polymer and screw adjustable for windage and elevation.

David Sunnyside
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