Hisense Infinity F24 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

In an age when the latest high-end smartphones can cost over R20 000, its nice to see manufacturers like Hisense focusing their efforts on bringing great devices to regular consumers at much more affordable prices. That's exactly what they've done with their latest smartphone release in the Infinity range, the F24.

The Hisense Infinity F24 is an inoffensive-looking phone with a slim metal body that feels ripe in the hand. It sports a 5.99-inch IPS display that takes up the majority of its frontage, with only a camera slit, ambient light sensor and speaker slit interrupting the otherwise minimal aesthetic. The longer screen size gives it a taller form factor too, which helps to cram in more content when browsing mobile sites and using apps like Twitter and Instagram where vertical real estate is important.

Hisense has opted to keep the Android experience clean on this device, with no unwanted apps or bloatware pre-loaded. The device also runs the newer version of Google's Settings app, with important options pinned to the top of the screen. However, Hisense has chosen to bundle in the old Launcher3, which lacks the polish of the newer Android launchers on Oreo.

The Hisense Infinity F24 competes in a crowded market for sub-R4000 phablets, with the likes of Xiaomi's Mi A1 and Nokia's latest 6 sporting better specifications and software support at similar prices. However, if you're looking for a budget-friendly device with a great camera and gorgeous screen, the Hisense Infinity F24 is worth a look.

David Sunnyside
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