Hitachi C12FDHSM Miter Saw Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

metabo c12fdh review

Hitachi Power Tools with its US-based subsidiary, Hitachi Koki USA, Ltd, is known for professional-grade power tools that are among the best in their class. The C12FDHSM miter saw is no exception to this reputation. The saw is a great choice for anyone who has a need for a miter saw that can make a wide range of different cuts, from small to large projects.

It comes with a laser marker system for cutting accuracy and has a 12 in dual compound miter saw that is designed to cut various types of wood, crown molding, plywood, decorative panels, soft fiberboard, hardboard and aluminum sashes. It also features fine adjustment knobs for both bevel and miter settings.

This is a great value for the price and is a great addition to any woodworker’s toolbox. Having this saw on hand will allow you to complete any type of project with precision and ease.

David Sunnyside
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