Hobart Ironman 230 Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

hobart ironman 230 review

If you’re looking for a fullsize MIG welder with a powerful output, the Hobart Ironman 230 is an excellent choice. It’s a robust welding machine that delivers good arc stability and clean welds.

The 230 has all of the basics that you’d expect from a modern MIG welder, like adjustable wire feed speed and voltage, amperage control and thermal overload protection. It’s also easy to use and understand, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

It’s a great welding machine for professionals and hobbyists alike, as it’s designed with the right features to help you complete a variety of different projects. It’s perfect for construction and fabrication projects, as it can weld from 24 gauge to 1/2 inch steel in a single pass.

With twelve-tap voltage control and infinite wire feed speed, this machine provides smooth and easy-to-control arcs across the entire range of welding thicknesses. It’s also compatible with MIG and Flux-cored welding processes, so you can weld stainless steel and aluminum with ease.

The Ironman 230 also comes with some great safety features, including a long-term power switch and a spatter shield. This helps protect the operator and anyone nearby from sparks or splatters that can fly out of the arc during welding.

It also has a fan on demand, which only turns on when you need it and doesn’t run non-stop. This feature helps minimize power consumption and prevents dust from getting into the system, which extends the machine’s lifespan. It’s also built with a thermal overload mechanism, which shuts it down immediately if it gets too hot.

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