Hobie Outback Review - A Review of the Hobie Outback Pedal Kayak

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

The hobie outback is one of the most advanced pedal kayaks available. Its large size and stable design make it a great choice for fishermen of all skill levels. It is also equipped with multiple rod holders and H-track mounts for accessories. It is also a very fast boat that can achieve speeds up to 6mph in cruising mode. This makes it an excellent choice for those days spent stalking bass in the flats.

The Mirage Drive pedal system on this kayak is easy to use and provides a lot of speed. It is also a very durable and reliable boat that can handle rough waters with ease. However, it is important to note that this kayak is a little on the heavy side. It weighs 81 lbs alone and can get even heavier when fully rigged with gear. For this reason, it is important to consider how much you will be using the kayak before purchasing it.

Hobie also designed this kayak with a comfortable seat and a number of different adjustment options. The Vantage CTW seat is reportedly very comfortable and offers four-way adjustment to find the perfect fit. It is also an inch and a half wider than most frame seats so it can easily accommodate full-size anglers.

This kayak can be rigged with a variety of accessories including rod holders, fish finders, and cameras. It is also designed with a large storage area and a Kick-Up rudder that can be deployed or retracted with the push of a button.

David Sunnyside
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